single-pixel3dScientists from Glasgow have managed to come up with an unprecedented discovery, by successfully creating a single-pixel camera for 3D images. This unique discovery would comprise of a projector which displays patterned light on the face on a mannequin, where these patterns will then be used to produce a 2D image. A 3D image is subsequently formed by making use of a technique that is known as “shape from shade”. Talk about a highly affordable method of creating 3D images!


This special system will make use of detectors that boast of a single pixel which is capable of sensing light instead of the millions of pixels that are currently used in the imaging sensors of digital cameras. The detectors will be able to “see” frequencies beyond visible light, which eventually might carve up new roads for the implementation of 3D imaging in medicine and geography. It is also said that these single-pixel detectors are extremely cost effective, costing “a few pounds” compared to current systems that might run into the thousands. Hopefully, with further research, the system will be able to sense wavelengths that are far beyond the capability of digital cameras, and with its relatively low entry cost, it might end up being a valuable tool for a wide range of industries.

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