space-checkinHave plenty of money, so much so that you have absolutely no idea as to what to do with it? Well, it is said that space is the final frontier, and since you have visited all the major tourist spots worldwide that you ever wanted to, how about taking things to the next level by flying to space? Many years ago, this was an impossible dream even for the rich and famous, unless you were an astronaut. Fast forward to today, and space travel for the rich layperson is a jiffy, where $100,000 is enough for you to hitch a ride to space via SXC (Space Expedition Corporation).


Travel agency JTB that is based in Japan will offer a suborbital flight that consists of a straight up flight in a cool futuristic space plane, where you get to spend approximately five minutes in space, before the ride back home kicks in, all for $95,000. As for those who want something more lasting, how about spending 10 days on the ISS, allowing you to observe real astronauts? Thing is, you will have to travel in a Cold War-era Soyuz space pod and part with $35 million. Last but not least, JTB (again) will have another program that places you in space for nearly a month, including a few days aboard the ISS, where you will then board a separate space craft for a flight around the moon and back. Only two seats are available, and one of them has already been sold for a whopping $150 million a couple of years back.

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