searchimproveGoogle, the maestros of search, has certainly done their bit to further enhance the Google search experience on your email, where it will soon be made possible for everyone living in the US to be able to perform an instant search on relevant emails, Google Drive files, and Calendar events among others each time you decide to perform a search in Gmail. Of course, this particular feature did not come about just like that, as this was not an idea pulled out of thin air, but rather, it has been tested in recent months via a trial, and apparently, those “lab rats” so to speak have fallen in love with the time-saving convenience of being able to search for the entire slew of items from a single place.

Throughout the coming week, this particular search feature will rollout to all US users (affecting searches in English only for now), so if you happen to live in the land of the free and home of the brave, be patient if you have yet to enjoy this particular feature. [Press Release]

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