voltmakerThe modern day road warrior has a list of to-do items every night before they retire for the day. After all, with so many mobile devices being bandied about these days, it goes without saying that charging up the batteries of our respective smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices are a must, if we were to be able to tackle the next day’s challenges and demands head on without having to carry the extra burden about worrying on whether our device is able to last through the day or not.


Enter the Voltmaker, which so happens to be an Indiegogo project at this point in time, requiring a cool 200 grand for it to be realized in the flesh. The Voltmaker is a rachet-like device which enables one to juice up any compatible low-power electronic device, ranging from smartphones to MP3 players, and also doubles up as a backup battery which can be extended thanks to the wonders of add-on modules. Not only that, the code is freely available thanks to the wonders of the GPL license. With the Voltmaker, there is no more reason to have your batteries run out of juice, ever again, each time you are on the road.

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