wikipedia-nearbyWikipedia is announcing it’ll be easier than ever to learn about the world around you as the company is launching a new Nearby feature for its mobile website.

The mobile page has been designed to retrieve a user’s location to deliver articles which will help you learn more about a number of local topics around your neighborhood that include museums, historic buildings and nearby parks. At its launch, Wikipedia will focus on displaying articles which require images or photos, which will prompt the user to add licensed images to articles that require them.

In order to dive into the WIkipedia Nearby fun, all you’ll need to do is access its mobile site, to which Wikipedia will request your location so it offer relevant Wikipedia entries. Wikipedia is just another service that has launched a feature that uses a person’s location to offer local information as both Foursquare and Facebook launched similar features over the past couple of months. Wikipedia is hoping its new Nearby feature will encourage more of its users to improve the quality of their local information.

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