wimotoWimoto has just kicked off a new Indiegogo campaign in order to raise funds from the public so that they are able to manufacture this idea of theirs – calling it “Motes”, which are actually a family of tiny, rugged, stickable sensors that will play nice with devices running on the iOS platform. Just how small are Motes? Well, they measure a mere 30mm x 30mm x 8mm, and will be able to communicate with virtually any iOS-powered device that has Bluetooth SMART support (this would mean the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad mini, iPad Retina and New iPad will qualify), where the internal battery is said to be able to last for an entire year’s use.

The Climote, for instance, is the first Mote in the range that offers ambient temperature, humidity and light level sensor data. It can be used just about anywhere you like, and comes in handy should you want the precise temperature, humidity or light readings, such as in your little one’s room, or perhaps in your wine cellar. As for the Growmote that you see above, it will offer details concerning soil moisture, soil temperature and light level, and works well whether indoors or outdoors. Last but not least is the Thermote, which is a new kind of non-contact thermometer that does seem to run on magic – all you need to do is point it at the object you want to measure the temperature of, and you’re good to go. Up to 128 remote sensors can be supported for each mobile device, at the Motes will sell for $49 a pop when available. [Indiegogo Page]

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