We’ve seen a number of Windows 8.1. leaks over the past couple of weeks, but a new report may bring another highly desired improvement to Windows 8.1.

According to users who have installed the latest Windows 8.1 build, which is 9385, it looks as though a number of apps have automatically updated themselves in the background. Current Windows 8 users know that in order to update an application, they’re first notified of the update, which you’ll then have to navigate the OS’ menus in order to initiate an update. One of the apps that was seen to have updated its app on its own is an app called Movie Moments.

Since Microsoft is staying quiet in regards to what improvements they plan on releasing in Windows 8.1, it’s unknown at this time if this is indeed something the company is planning for the next update to its newest OS. It’s also unknown if this new feature will require all app developers to initiate automatic updates in newer versions of their apps, or if it’ll be an optional update. Either way, we’re hoping there’s an additional option to be notified when an app is updated as we certainly like to know what improvements are being rolled out.

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