One of the biggest gripes people have with Microsoft’s Windows 8 is the fact they completely replaced their traditional Start button experience found in previous versions of Windows with a UI that was specifically designed with tablet and touch-screen computers in mind. Getting to the desktop requires an additional unnecessary step, although according to a recently published rumor, it may look like Microsoft is considering cutting the extra step it takes to reach the desktop in Windows 8.

According to WinBeta, who cites a Russian-langauge website as its source, there’s some code in Windows 8.1 that disables its Metro Start Screen and sends the user “to the desktop automatically.” We know a number of you would absolutely make full use of this option as we also have a tendency to jump right into Windows 8’s desktop mode when we first turn on our computers.

There are already a number of options out there that not only allow this sort of option, but can also bring back the traditional Start menu that has been missed with the introduction of Windows 8. Having an option fully supported by Microsoft would not only mean it would require one less application to install onto our PCs, but it would also mean Microsoft may in fact be listening to its customers.

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