wp8updateAny decent device these days, be they smartphones or tablets, would be able to last a whole lot longer if it had the advantage of having regular updates rolled out for it, that is. After all, there is nothing quite like a new update to breathe new life into the legs of an aging device, right? Well, the latest Windows Phone 8 update that is known as Amber is said to bring along with it smart camera capability in addition to an FM radio to old Lumia handsets.

Of course, the freshly minted Nokia Lumia 925 will definitely come with the Smart Camera app to lead the way, which is also part of the “victory parade” of their acquisition of Scalado. This new app will roll out to other Windows Phone 8 powered Lumias in the near future that is known as the Lumia Amber update. The Smart Camera app will allow one to capture a burst of 5-megapixel photos using its 8.7-megapixel sensor, in addition to Action shots (the equivalent of the Sequence shot in the HTC One and Drama shot in the Galaxy S4), not to mention the ability to remove moving objects, now how about that? Gotta love the Motion focus capability which allows you to look as though you are tracking a fast moving object (as depicted above) – perfect for wildlife and sports enthusiasts.

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