k-bigpicDo you think that the late Steve Jobs would have approved of the recent design choices in their latest hardware releases? The Mac Pro is certainly a form factor that draws its fair share of controversy, so to speak, where it has been made fun of online via various memes, some pointing it to be a burnt R2-D2, others associating it with one of those classic ashtray-trashbins that we see in public areas. Well, we did talk recently on the possibility of Apple getting into the gaming scene, and here we are with a leaked game controller by Logitech that could very well be an iOS gamepad that will roll out later in the year.

The Logitech controller itself looks way too simple and yet it lacks that kind of elegance that Steve Jobs would have wanted, don’t you think so? Of course, anyone is free to speak on behalf of someone else who has already passed away, and it remains to be seen whether this Logitech design that caters for the iPhone 5 would appeal to the masses. Perhaps the adage of the proof of the pudding is in the eating will be tested to the maximum as Logitech rolls out this add-on game controller in the future.

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