AT&T isn’t known for being able to offer push-to-talk service to a wide variety of its customers, especially its iPhone users. Starting today, AT&T will begin to offer push-to-talk service to its iPhone customers through a new application it’s making available to its corporate customers.

Getting push-to-talk on your iPhone won’t be as simple as downloading an app as AT&T says they’ll need to work with corporate customers in order to integrate the service with their iPhone. AT&T’s push-to-talk service will act in a similar way to Nextel devices, who were among one of the first brands to make push-to-talk available to mobile customers. AT&T corporate customers would be able to push a button to broadcast a voice message within a group of up to 250 people.

Non-corporate customers who wish to use push-to-talk services on their iPhone can always rely on third-party applications, such as Voxer, which can offer the same push-to-talk features as AT&T will begin to offer its corporate customers.

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