battery-case-iphone-back-blackLet’s face it, despite Apple’s claims of a larger battery and a longer lasting phone, the iPhone’s battery does leave something to be desired, although we guess it will depend on how one uses their device to begin with. Now if you’re a heavy user who uses their phone all day to surf the web, watch videos, and listen to music, chances are you will find yourself running low on juice before the day is out. The good news is that if you were in the market for an external battery pack, Belkin has launched the Grip Power Battery Case for the iPhone 5.

Basically this combines an external battery pack with an iPhone 5 case into one, thus saving you the burden of having to carry around an external pack which might not be very convenient. The rip Power case will sport a 2,000mAh battery which should give your iPhone 5 an additional full charge and then some, and will play nicely with your headphones, includes an anti-glare camera ring, and at the same time it will feature a shock-resistant bumper for those with butter fingers. The case is available via Belkin’s website in a variety of colors for $99.99.

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