raspberry-pi-consoleBen Heck, modder extraordinary, has decided to bring his expertise to the Raspberry Pi, a tiny computer that allows you to construct your very own affordable, low-power system which is capable of programming, viewing videos, playing games, or for general purpose computing needs. The thing is, it might not be small enough for select uses, but Ben Heck is not going to let that stop him by churning out a handheld gaming console reminiscent of the early Gameboy days, powered by a RaspBerry Pi, of course.

Doing so meant taking out the Ethernet jack, relocating the USB port, as well as making changes to bits in order to reduce the profile of the Raspberry Pi. Of course, for a display, an LCD screen in used, while a bunch of game controller buttons have been thrown into the mix. There is also a battery and voltage regulator in the mix, all crammed into a custom case. Who would have thought that your ordinary $35 computer could achieve so much?

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