We’ve seen some pretty fancy coffee art in the past, ranging to creative designs, to even 3D ones which are achieved through clever milk froth manipulation. However while they are all pretty cool to look at, for those who are a little narcissistic and wouldn’t mind seeing their faces being used as coffee art, a small coffee kiosk in Taiwan might have figured out a way to do that. Dubbed Let’s Café, these kiosks can be found in Family Mart convenience stores and basically how it works is by customers uploading their photo to the coffee machine, which will then “print” their photos onto their drinks, although it’s more or a sprinkling rather than printing which we guess is somewhat similar to how bubble jet printers work. It’s pretty cool and if you’d like to have your face printed on your coffee in the future, be sure to stop by one of the Let’s Café outlets in Taiwan the next time you’re there! In the meantime for those of us not in Taiwan, you can check out the machine in action in the video above.

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