Merely a couple of weeks ago Edward Snowden blew the whistle on NSA’s secret PRISM program, he also said that U.S. hacked in to China and Hong Kong’s computer networks. Various media outlets in China are now dubbing U.S. made tech products as security threats, Cisco seems to be being targeted a lot, since Snowden said that its routers were used by the U.S. to hack in to computer networks in China. Google, Apple and IBM have also been cited as companies through which U.S. spies on the People’s Republic.

On the other hand Cisco says that it has not helped the NSA in spying on China, and that the equipment it has installed there is similar to what it has installed elsewhere in the world. A Chinese media outlet says that the country should reduce its reliance on Cisco since it is a “terrible security threat.” Internet companies such as Apple, Google, Facebook and Yahoo have also denied even knowing about the PRISM program. While U.S. has long accused China of launching cyberattacks against it, China says that it is actually the victim of such attacks that originate from the U.S. With all of the information that Edward Snowden has leaked, their rhetoric is bound to get stronger with each passing day.

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