In April the U.S. government said that it would take a firm stand against Chinese cyberattacks. Last month it was alleged that Chinese cyberattacks against the U.S. had begun once again. Only a couple of days ago a reported was published claiming that U.S. weapon system designs were accessed by Chinese hackers. Both countries have now decided that they will hold regular high level talks on hacking, a diplomatic move to this slowly but surely escalating situation.

On the other hand China says that it is not behind these cyberattacks, rather it is a victim of such attacks. The New York Times cites a senior official involved in the negotiations over these meetings saying that “we need some norms and rules,” because this is an issue that “cannot simply be swatted away with talking points.” These high level talks between the U.S. and China are scheduled to begin in July. It is also being reported that the subject of cyberattacks is likely to be brought up next Friday when President Obama meets President Xi Jinping of China at an informal summit meeting in California.

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