gorilla-carSo far, the Gorilla Glass from Corning has had one claim to fame – and that is, it has seen action in more than 1.5 billion (!, and counting) consumer electronics devices around the world to date. The big question is this, will the Gorilla Glass be a victim of its own success, and remain just as your regular display for all tablets, smartphones, and notebooks? Well, it seems that Corning intends to bring their Gorilla Glass to the next level, and could very well deliver their ultra-durable glass to cars.

According to Jeffrey Evenson, Corning’s senior vice president, he made an explanation over at MIT Technology Review’s Mobile Summit in San Francisco, touting that vehicles which were equipped with Gorilla Glass would eventually be quieter in addition to being lighter compared to traditional glass. With this glass helping lower a ride’s overall weight as well as center of mass, in theory, it would be able to help cars achieve better fuel economy in the long run. Evenson claims that he hopes to see a minimum of one top-tier automaker to start selling Gorilla Glass-equipped vehicles from next year onwards.

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