lego-curiosityIt was last year when the Curiosity Rover finally made its long awaited landing over on the Red Planet, Mars, and you can be sure that it did have its fair share of photo-shooting moments over there, sending back 360-degree panoramic shots of a planet that has yet to be stepped on by any human. Well, for those who wish that they could have a toy of the Curiosity Rover, your wish has been somewhat fulfilled with the LEGO Mars Curiosity Rover having been announced to be the next fan-backed idea which will be transformed into an actual project.

LEGO is a company that is always on the move, and they do solicit ideas for new models from time to time using its Cuusoo website, where fans will then drop votes for their favorite projects that they want to see transformed into the real deal. Should any proposal receive more than 10,000 votes, LEGO will take that project into consideration, so we are pleased to hear that the LEGO Mars Curiosity Rover has surpassed that magical mark. Up next, a LEGO model of the Red Planet itself, perhaps?

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