combo-connectorThe sales of electric cars are not exactly dazzling (pardon the pun) to date, but it has more or less showed that the world is ready to embrace such eco-friendly modes of transport, although the adoption rate is still in its infancy as humankind continues to find different ways to wean ourselves from being too dependent on fossil fuels. One drawback about electric cars is this – the relatively long charging times required to “fuel up” your ride, compared to dropping by the nearest gas station. Here’s a possible solution – the ability to completely charge an electric car in a matter of 20 minutes.


This is made possible thanks to the utilization of a single standardized connector which will accept DC fast charging, and this particular technology was developed by the Society of Automotive Engineers. BMW and GM will be the first two companies to embrace it first, although whispers have it that Audi, Chrysler, Daimler, Porsche and Volkswagen should follow suit later. The particular rides from BMW and Chevrolet would be the BMW i3 and the Chevrolet Spark EV.

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