eblFord has certainly come a long way since their inaugural Model T vehicle that proved to be a defining moment for the company in its early days. They are certainly not lacking in R&D, and have recently tested the Electronic Brake Light, which happens to be an early warning car-to-car communication feature that can alert other drivers behind you to vehicles that are braking ahead. This technology is still in its infancy, and hence, many more experiments need to be conducted before it can be implemented globally, but its job is to transmit a wireless signal to illuminate a dashboard light on following vehicles, never mind that one is around a corner, or some traffic is blocking you.

The Electronic Brake Light is said to be among the 20 systems that Ford tested for Safe Intelligent Mobility – Testfield Germany (simTD), which happens to be the joint industry research project’s field testing period that was completed in December 2013. Other than that, Ford also put their Obstacle Warning system to the test that will further alerts drivers to objects on the road. It is hoped that the Electronic Brake Light could help assist drivers who follow behind to brake earlier, which could come in handy to avoid a nasty accident and obviously, to save lives as well.

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