xbox-one-official-photos-08A couple of days ago, Microsoft made the decision to revert on their policies regarding the always-on connection and DRM policies of its next-gen console, the Xbox One. Many gamers were thrilled by this piece of news, with many taking to the internet claiming that Microsoft was finally listening to their customers, and while we’re sure the outcry of gamers around the world probably played a part, it seems that GameStop might have had a role to play as well!

According to a GameStop employee who spoke to StickSkills, Microsoft might have made the decision to revert their policies partly due to GameStop who would have ultimately ended up promoting the PS4 over the Xbox One. The employee claims that they were told that they would stop getting Xbox One units, especially since the used game policies prior to the announcement would have affected GameStop’s business in a big way. Instead they were told that they should push the PS4 as much as they could.

This is a follow up to a rumor last week where it was suggested that GameStop might not be interested in stocking up on Xbox One units, even going as far as telling customers they had sold out of the console. Either way we can’t tell how true this employee’s story is, but the credit to get Microsoft to backtrack their decision probably goes out to many parties, not just a retailer or the gamers alone. What do you guys think? Did GameStop have a role to play in this?

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