india-killer-robotsImages of the robot apocalypse as seen in the Terminator movies are bound to appear as we hear that the top brass over at India’s Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) have every intention to work on extremely intelligent robots that will fight alongside their human troops in the battlefield of war, and they have the faith that this dream will come to fruition within the next decade. That, ladies and gentlemen, is definitely too close for my comfort. How about you?

According to the India Times, these robots can be deployed in and around the “Line of Control” area of the India-Pakistan border, helping to safeguard Indian territory against any kind of potential attack. The DRDO Director General Avinash Chander, said, “We are going to work for robotic soldiers. We are going to look for very high level of intelligence in it than what we are talking of today. It is a new programme and a number of labs are already working in a big way on robotics. Unmanned warfare in land and air is the future of warfare.”

Hopefully the artificial intelligence of these robots are up to par, and that there is some sort of failsafe system so that they do not achieve sentience and decide that that human race is not worth surviving.

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