Apple is reportedly starting an iPhone trade-in program at its retail stores this month, according to Bloomberg. The aim behind this program is to get customers to upgrade to iPhone 5 and turn in their older models in the process. As always, the source cites people that have knowledge of the plans. Apple has reportedly partnered with distributor Brightstar Corp. for this trade-in program. There has been no public announcement regarding this from Apple as yet.

AT&T, where the iPhone was initially an exclusive, already has an iPhone trade-in program in place. It offers customers up to $200 for iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 devices, this allows customers to get a new iPhone 5 from AT&T for no money down, though attached to a two year contract. According to some analysts, as many as 20% of U.S. customers will use trade-in programs for buying smartphones this year. It seems like the perfect time for Apple to start off such a program, given how it is reportedly seeing iPhone 5 demand being gradually diminished. Apple hasn’t made an official announcement regarding an iPhone trade-in program yet, so its okay to remain skeptical about this for now.

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