lightsaber-canePeter Mayhew, the tall actor who played the iconic role of Chewbacca in the Star Wars movies, managed to confound TSA operatives the same way that Stormtroopers are all too easy to trick, with his lightsaber cane while he was at an airport in Denver prior to boarding his flight. It seemed that the lightsaber cane proved to be too long for their liking, and claimed that the lightsaber cane was a “dangerous weapon” during routine security checks.

Mayhew promptly took to Twitter to express the reason for him carrying a relatively long and large cane, “Giant man need giant cane.. small cane snap like toothpick…. besides.. my light saber cane is just cool.. I would miss it.” That certainly has a lot of wisdom attached to it, don’t you think so? Good to know that American Airlines intervened without having to use any Jedi mind tricks, as Mayhew is an extremely frequent flyer. We wonder what other movie actors are unable to get on board, perhaps Patrick Stewart might not be able to board a flight if he carries one of those toy phasers around, no?

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