microsoft-surface-rt-pro-update-wifiWe all know that Bill Gates is rich beyond belief, and he would not keep much by the time he leaves this world, as he has involved himself heavily in the world of philanthropy at the moment with his wife, and I guess some of his generous streak has rubbed off on the company that he co-founded, as Microsoft has just announced that they will be giving away up to 10,000 Microsoft Surface RT tablets for free to educators so that these tablets can be used in schools later this month. This generous move is part of the program which so happens to be a segment in the annual conference that is held by the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE for short).

The ISTE mentioned that teachers who participate in the Windows in the Classroom Surface Experience Project during the conference would be on the receiving end of the Surface RT tablet. Margo Day, the Vice President of U.S. Education at Microsoft, claims that a Surface RT tablet is capable of assisting educators in their job, thanks to a clever combination of functions such as those of a laptop, alongside the pre-installed version of Office 2013. Ah well, there’s nothing quite like starting them young on Microsoft products, right?

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