ms-best-buyMicrosoft must have cast an envious glance in Samsung’s direction after the South Korean consumer electronics giant decided to open up a “store within a store” concept at Best Buy, and hence the software giant from Redmond, Washington, has decided to follow suit by opening their fair share of stores, all within Best Buy itself, too.


Considering the amount of new technology that is churning out from Microsoft’s very own stable of brains, it is an interesting idea for them to team up with Best Buy, considering how Best Buy has the infrastructure and network to provide easy access to the masses who want to purchase their goods. Having said that, it is not as though getting a Microsoft product is as difficult or challenging as Bruce Wayne braving the elements and scaling a mountain with a flower in his possession to obtain what he wants at the peak (in the movie, at least), but with Microsoft’s presence in your local Best Buy store, we are looking at approximately 500 potential stores in the US alone and over 100 stores set to follow in the same direction in Canada.

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