ms-trademarkMicrosoft looks as though they are working on some pretty major Xbox One game announcements, especially at the E3 2013 press conference this coming June 10th. Well, there is word that Microsoft has recently registered a fair number of new domain names for websites which will include at least one of those upcoming games, namely Halo: Spartan Assault. In fact, domain names for,,,, and were claimed late last month by “DNStination”, which so happens to work with other companies when it comes to registering domains names privately.


DNStination is currently run and managed by a company known as MarkMonitor, and the story touts that Microsoft did work with MarkMonitor in the past in order to pick up Halo-based URLs. Since E3 2013 is less than 10 days away, it should not come across as a surprise to anyone that Microsoft is currently working on a new Halo game with a Spartan Assault subtitle which will be revealed as an Xbox One game this coming June 10th. Not only that, Microsoft also registered the Xbox One term with the US Patent and Trademark Office late last month, in addition to something known as “Oneguide” with the USPTO.

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