Don’t you just love the world of creativity and advertising? This is where some of the quirkier and more snarky ads are actually displayed, although sometimes the campaigns that are run might not actually resonate in the way that the client would have liked with the target masses. MINI Mexico might have struck gold as you can see in the video above, where they warned women in public restrooms who are applying makeups not to put on their makeup while they drive. Of course, do expect the usual slew of screams and surprised shouts as an airbag actually pops up right in front of the mirror, where said airbags carried the message “There’s a place for everything. Makeup or drive.” along with a MINI logo, of course.

MINI Mexico hopes that this particularly “shocking” ad campaign would be able to do its bit to improve road safety and in the process, increase the possibility of preventing unwanted deaths. Did you know that some 1,273 lipsticks are destroyed annually because ladies who apply makeup while driving get involved in an accident?

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