There are some car brands that happen to be icons of a particular era, and somehow or rather, the very same icon has made its way to being a long lasting one, where even after a few model generations down the road, the general shape and spirit of the vehicle remains the same, although you can definitely expect a whole lot more technological advancements added to the modern day era car. The MINI is one of them, and to see classic MINIs purring on the road these days is a joy. We are glad to report that MINI does not want to remain as a relic of an era past, which is why MINI Canada and Anomaly have teamed up to create an exhilarating execution for the brand’s ‘Not Normal’ campaign.

In order to depict the ride’s go-kart handling capability, a trio of MINI Cooper S models were specially redesigned in a manner to resemble that of a roller coaster. This was done with the assistance of production company Asymetric. This particular customized MINI Roller coaster has been specially refitted, where the roof and rear seats are no longer part of the equation, while they have been replaced by roller coaster carts, frames, LEDs, decals, and wind blowers.

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