We’ve been hearing about the Moto X phone ever since a report by the Wall Street Journal outed the possible existence of the device. Since late 2012, we’ve reported a number of stories that adds more fuel to the fire of the Moto X rumors, and the latest story we’ve come across may put a date on when we could be expecting to hear more about the mysterious device.

A pitch of a possible ad campaign for the Moto X phone was spotted on B.A. Bäkken’s Behance page, which is an online design portfolio page for designers to showcase their work. The pitch work centers around the tagline “Goodbye Moto,” and displays the date August 1 in multiple areas. The pitch work also includes a potential full-page newspaper ad which includes a rather mysterious message:

We’re not good at goodbyes. No one is. They’re hard. And sad. But the time has come. After nearly a century of innovation, we must say farewell. Farewell to the first handheld cell phone. To the Razr. To the game snake. Farewell to the Motorola that has shaped today.

It’s time to start building tomorrow. Change is afoot. New faces. New ideas. New technologies. The Motorola that returns will not be the company you once knew. But we have some work to do. So until we’re ready, we’re going away. No new ads or tweets. No site updates. Just silence until we begin the next chapter.

Until we meet again, goodbye Moto.

We’re not completely sure what to think of that message, but what we do know is that we’re going to be keeping a close eye on both Motorola and Google come August 1.

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  • 1280x720
  • 312 PPI
10 MP
  • f/ Aperture
2200 mAh
    2GB RAM
    • Snapdragon S4 Pro
    • None
    ~$310 - Amazon
    130 g
    Launched in
    Storage (GB)
    • 64

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