Considering just how much content Netflix has, and will have in the future, one of the biggest problems users have is finding something they’ll actually want to spend the time to watch. Discovering new content is rather difficult, but Netflix is hoping to fix this issue its users have with the massive service with the release of “Max.” 

Max is a new intelligent suggestion engine which has been designed to suggest movies and TV shows with your current mood. Netflix’s Max has been in testing for several months now, and Netflix believes its time to set the service loose by offering it first to U.S. PlayStation 3 owners. Using Max is as easy as using something like Google Now’s voice search or Apple’s Siri, but instead it’ll ask you questions to help provide better content suggestions.

Once Max gets to know your preferences, it’ll begin to offer you TV shows and movie suggestions without you even asking for them. Max won’t automatically come barging in with recommendations though, as it’ll be available between the third and fourth rows of the main Netflix screen. For you non-PS3 owners, Netflix hopes to roll Max out to additional devices in the coming weeks.

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