india-killer-robotsWho wants to live forever? I am quite sure that I would be able to see my fair share of hands if this question were to be posed to a room full of people, although the crazy bunch from the movie Starship Troopers certainly don’t, at the very least Rico. Having said that, Russian entrepreneur Dmitry Itskov has come up with the 2045 Initiative (which was kicked off in 2011), where the main goal would be to engineer the future of human evolution. The ideal plan would be to develop life-like robotic copies of our bodies within the next 2 to 7 years, where we would then be able to control and interact with the world in the same manner as that of the movie Surrogates. That would be the first step, as the next step forward (which would most probably take 5 to 10 years) would be the eventual transplant of human brains into robot bodies by 2025. In the year 2035, I guess we can kiss goodbye to the human body in its entirety to a certain extent, as one can then transfer one’s personality into a robot ‘avatar’.

In 2045, more or less the final step would be taken – where in the plan, we would just have our robotic minds control holograms when it comes to interacting with the rest of the world. Sounds ambitious, and would life really be a whole lot better in this way? After all, there is nothing quite like the sense of touch, apart from the other four senses to get us going. The main benefit would be to virtually live forever, but that might eventually require far more resources than the earth could afford.

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