Analysts believed at the time of Galaxy S4’s launch that Samsung’s next flagship smartphone will have radically different design language, that it will not follow the design paradigm it has for quite some time now. A number of manufacturers have moved to metal chassis for their devices, HTC One is the prime example, its design has been praised by many and the device itself is doing very well in the market. Rumor has it that Samsung Galaxy S5 will have a chassis fashioned out of aluminium as the company enters its “Design 3.0” phase.

Samsung’s Galaxy line of smartphones has performed very well in the worldwide smartphone market. The current flagship, Galaxy S4, has become the fastest selling Android smartphone. Surely the company wants to keep this momentum going, switching to aluminium from the plastic they currently use will be a big change, and perhaps one that will resonate well with customers. Nevertheless, this bit about Galaxy S5 being made out of aluminium has come from an alleged insider at Samsung. We can’t really be sure until Samsung makes an official announcement, which won’t happen until next year.

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