vodafone-rechargeEarlier this morning, we brought you word that a pair of Power Shorts from Vodafone is able to make clever use of kinetic energy in order to power your smartphone – this is an almost idealistic way of thinking, and I suppose those who tend to be heavily involved in physical activities such as running, climbing, cycling, or even house chores would benefit the most from the Power Shorts. Well, what happens to the less active minded among us? Fret not, you can still get a charge for your smartphone while you sleep with Vodafone’s high tech sleeping bag which was developed in conjunction with Vodafone and scientists from the University of Southampton.

This unique sleeping bag is called the Power Pockets, where it will rely on thermoelectric power generators to convert some of your body heat into energy for your power hungry devices. According to the folks over at Vodafone, spending eight hours in the bag ought to provide enough juice to keep your handset going for another 11 hours in standby mode, in addition to approximately 24 minutes of talk time.

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