AT&T partnered up with Goal Zero to launch a number of solar-powered street charge stations all over New York City, but if you wore a pair of Power Shorts, you’ll never have to worry about charging your phone again.

Vodafone debuted its Power Shorts this past weekend during the U.K.’s Isle of Wight music festival which are able to use your body’s movement in order to boost the battery life of your mobile device. The Power Shorts use a Power Pocket, which was created with the help of scientists at the University of Southampton, that contains foam-like ferroelectret materials. When the material is manipulated through the body’s movement, kinetic energy is produced, which is then used to power up your mobile device.

Vodafone’s Power Shorts are said to provide over four hours of power to your smartphone through a full day’s walking and / or dancing. Those of you who normally dance while walking on your way to or from work can finally have a good reason to do so, that is, as long as you’re wearing the Power Shorts at all times.

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