Sony Mobile has recently stepped forward to say that they have increased their market share over bitter rivals Apple (with the seemingly miraculous iPhone that carries a reality distortion field with it wherever it goes) in the smartphone segment in the Land of the Rising Sun, having arrived at a three year high in the process. Bloomberg claims that this is due to the fact that Sony’s latest Xperia range is quite unlike anything that they have rolled out in the past, not to mention discounts from mobile carrier NTT DoCoMo that make taking up the Xperia family of smartphones even more attractive.

Word has it that DoCoMo is trying to push a couple of handsets for promotions (some say that it could be the Xperia A and Xperia Z, although this has yet to be confirmed) in an effort to stimulate demand over the iPhone – a handset that does not fall under the stable of DoCoMo. Researcher BCN touts that Sony has managed to double its shipments in the last four weeks alone to touch 36%, compared to Apple’s 25% in the corresponding period. Do not expect to see similarly stunning figures in other parts of the world though, and after all, it is to be somewhat expected that Sony, being a Japanese firm, would be well supported by its own people.

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