Chemotherapy is a process many cancer patients would rather not go through, but need to in order to help their bodies fight the cancer. It’s a process we know children also wouldn’t want to go through, but an ad agency in Brazil has come up with a way to make it a little less scary by making their chemotherapy sessions to include a “superformula.”

Brazilian ad agency JWT worked with two of their clients to team up with A.C. Camargo Cancer Center in Sao Paulo to create Superformulas, which are covers for intravenous bags that feature easily recognizable super hero logos and colors from the Justice League. The Superformulas were codevelopd with doctors, which make these covers easy to sterilize and meet all hospital hygiene standards.

The Superformulas didn’t stop at just IV bag covers as a series of comic books including Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern were also published in order to help kids with their cancer-fighting experience as well as a superhero theme to the entire Children’s Ward.

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