We’re sure many of you have heard the saying, “Talk to the hand,” although in the case of O2’s collaboration with artist Sean Miles, it is quite literal. Working together, they have created a pair of gloves that allows users to answer calls simply by mimicking the phone call sign as pictured above. Essentially the microphone for the phone is placed in the pinky, while the speaker is placed into the thumb area of the glove. While it might seem somewhat sophisticated, they are actually a little less hi-tech than one might think.

Sean Miles has basically taken regular gloves and recycled mobile phones to create his piece of wearable technology. This project was actually done to raise awareness of how much waste we are creating by not recycling our gadgets. According to Miles, “I hope that my Talk to the Hand project will get people to think again about the waste created by not recycling gadgets. While these might not be for everyone, there are hundreds of other uses that old phones can be put to – from being reconditioned and used again to being mined for their components.” No word on availability, but who’s up for a pair of phone/gloves combo?

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