gold-htc-oneWe are more often than not told to “go for gold” in whatever that we do, and when it comes to the word “gold”, it does bring about a fair number of expressions such as “a golden opportunity”, or “good as gold”, or even “the Golden Rule”. Well, gold is something that has stirred up the greed in mankind ever since it was discovered, and it will continue to do so. O2, a mobile provider in the UK, is feeling generous enough to give away an 18-carat gold HTC One to a lucky customer. Basically, this is a marketing move to sell even more HTC Ones, as each HTC One that is sold at O2 stores between today and Sunday will be accompanied by a golden ticket that will carry a code. This code can be entered online in order for you to stand a chance to win that elusive HTC One that comes covered in 18 carat gold.

There are only five in the entire country (the UK), and the street price for this 18 carat gold HTC One happens to cost more than £2,000, which by far and large would make it the most exclusive and expensive phone that has rolled out by HTC to date. Of course, we will not take into consideration those custom design jobs that see a smartphone blinged out with diamonds and other precious gems. Apart from a gold HTC One, the lucky winner will also pick up tickets to the MOBO tour at The O2 this coming November 14th.

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