BlackBerry is trying really hard to regain some of the market share that it has lost over the years. The company released a couple of new smartphones this year, it is going to release two more in the coming months. Despite that, BlackBerry has lost business in niches it once ruled, such as government departments and agencies. Small and big businesses once relied on BB devices to get their work done. The company might be losing yet another major customer, O2 Germany is reportedly dropping BlackBerry for Windows Phone devices.

An allegedly leaked internal memo is provided as proof to substantiate this report. O2 Germany is said to have moved its sales reps to Nokia Lumia 520s whereas store managers are now believed to have been given Nokia Lumia 925s. By making such a move, the carrier will end up saving as much as $330,000 in BlackBerry enterprise fees. Furthermore, it is said that O2 Germany prefers the integration of Windows Phone with other Microsoft enterprise services. O2 Germany is owned by Telefonica, which also has presence in markets such as UK, Brazil, Mexico, Spain and Chile. BlackBerry could be in even more trouble if this trend picks up across all markets. [Image via WMPU]

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