o2-storeWhen it comes to carriers making upgrades, it’s not often the most exciting news unless you’re particularly tech savvy or mobile inclined. However it seems that over in the UK, mobile carrier O2 is making some upgrades that are actually rather interesting. The carrier has announced that they will be enabling what they are calling a “self-optimising intelligent network”.

As its name implies, this is an intelligent network that can optimize itself based on how much traffic it detects. For example if you’re in a particular busy area, you might realize that your network speeds can be slow due to traffic congestion. However with the intelligent network, what happens is that O2’s mobile antennas will be able to reposition itself.

Ultimately this should help to boost your phone’s signal and bandwidth to make your experience a little better. The company claims that this self-optimisation will only take a couple of minutes, and the carrier is hoping that come November, they will be able to roll out this feature on a wider scale in an attempt to monitor the performance of all its 24 million customers.

As it stands, the current setup only allows for monitoring of up to 2 million customer, including calls, text, and data traffic, which for those worried about their privacy will be done anonymously.

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