emperor-chairWhat are some of the things that you can do with your money, assuming you have amassed quite a handsome amount to date that you would not feel the impact of losing a couple of million dollars here and there on frivolous spending? Why, traveling to space is certainly an option, but if you want to feel all regal while sitting at home in your own “castle”, then this $21,500 chair which is simply known as The Emperor. I guess it is a pretty apt name (Emperor 1510 LX in full), considering how it is accompanied by a slew of future forward amenities that include a five-monitor stand that has been mounted on a retractable “scorpion tail,” in addition to a Bose sound system that your ears would definitely appreciate and a reclining Italian leather chair, not to mention all of it placed on a rotating base.


Heck, manufacturers of The Emperor, MWE Lab, will also ensure that your purchase comes with a cup holder. After all, since it has no detachable personal server robot to carry your drinks for you, the next best thing would be a cup holder, don’t you think so?

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