Traveling the world is something many people would like to do someday as seeing sights and hearing sounds that you normally wouldn’t be able to in your hometown can be an enriching experience. But there’s also many of us who would like to have a seat while we’re experiencing nature’s beauty and the thought of sitting on a moss-covered rock doesn’t bode well. If you’re going to travel the world and want to have a seat wherever you go, then the Nomadic Chair is probably something you’d want to bring along with you.

The Nomadic Chair was created by Jorge Penades and is constructed primarily of wood as well as smart, plastic connectors that fit together, instead of using screws or nails that are often used to build most chairs you sit on. Best of all, the chair is completely portable as you can throw it onto your back, walk around, and have a full chair experience waiting for you once you found just the right spot to sit at.

Penades’ website doesn’t disclose just how much his Nomadic Chair costs, although if you’re interested, you could always email him to see what it’ll take to get you into his Nomadic Chair today.

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