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Nomadic Chair Can Be Carried On Your Back To Offer On-The-Go Seating
Traveling the world is something many people would like to do someday as seeing sights and hearing sounds that you normally wouldn’t be able to in your hometown can be an enriching experience. But there’s also many of us who would like to have a seat while we’re experiencing nature’s beauty and the thought of sitting on a moss-covered rock doesn’t bode well. If you’re going to travel the world […]

Infinity Blade III Launching On iOS September 18 For $6.99
There were a number of news pieces that slipped through the cracks during Apple’s iPhone event, such as Apple updating its iPod line to include the iPhone 5S’ space grey color option. One bit of news that slipped through the cracks even though it took center stage during Apple’s presentation was the next chapter in ChAIR Entertainment’s popular iOS franchise, Infinity Blade. 

The Quartz Armchair Can Seat You As Well As Your Many Guests
The Quartz Armchair can be disassembled in order to provide guests with their own stool.

The Emperor Is A $21,500 Chair
The Emperor is truly a chair fit for royalty, starting with its $21,500 price tag.


Exercise Chair Helps You Remain Fit As A Fiddle
All right, I will be the first to admit that I find it rather difficult to believe that spending time in a chair which claims to be able to let you exercise in it would eventually help you achieve your health goals. Ah well, perhaps I will be swayed once I have tried it out for myself. Researchers over at the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits decided to take the […]

Infinity Blade makes over $30 million in 2011
If you thought that Angry Birds is the only successful game on iOS devices, you’re going to be in for a surprise. In an official press release, Chair Entertainment, the creators of Infinity Blade announced that they racked up over $30 million from sales of the original Infinity Blade in addition to its sequel: Infinity Blade 2 that was released in 2011, and other games based on the IP such […]

Infinity Blade 2 available today
If you’ve played Infinity Blade to death, unlocked every single achievement and can defeat all the bosses with your eyes closed, you’re in luck. The sequel to the hit iOS-only action game has just been released, and you can resume your epic journey of going up against Deathless tyrants and their legion of Titans. The game is still powered by Epic’s Unreal Engine 3 technology, so visually you’re in for […]

Infinity Blade 2 visuals are impressive [video]
If you own an iOS device and you’re into gaming, chances are you’ve played Infinity Blade on it. Well, we’ve all heard that the sequel to the game will be released on December 1st and recently, the creators of the game have released a behind the scenes video detailing the process that went into it. Judging by the demonstration video, Infinity Blade 2 looks as gorgeous as ever, with a […]

Wooden chair fitted with eleven music boxes
With technology comes creativity, and vice versa, but this latest creation by a designed named Jeroen Wesselink makes us question what goes through the minds of some people when they’re being creative. Wesselink recently came up with a chair project entitled “what a wonderful world”. Starting from scratch, he fashioned out parts of a chair from wood, and within each piece, he embedded some music boxes, in some cases more […]

Subwoofer chair does not look too comfortable
If comfort is at the top of your list, then we would strongly recommend that you cross off the subwoofer chair by Greg Ball, as this is meant more to kick ass aurally as well as visually instead of letting you sink in, hugging your back to soothe away the day’s stress. This chair can be said to be a spiritual successor of its precedessor, thanks to the egging on […]

Clone Chaise looks like it photocopies humans, but lights up only instead
Now here is an idea – how about cloning myself so that he can represent me and do all the work that I’m supposed to, while I spend the rewards of his labor on myself? That’s a pretty nifty way to get rich quick, without breaking a sweat, but too bad there is no way to grow an exact clone of yourself at the moment – and certainly not in […]

Binary Chairs by BRC Designs
When we published about the Binary Low Table, we wished to see a similar design applied to a sofa – although we thought that our rear end would probably not be too appreciative of that “effort” – it looks like BRC designs has fulfilled our wish and the result looks comfortable enough…The Binary Chairs would be perfect for the geeks who want to feel like they are living in the […]

FROG 4.0 chair: the perfect chair to accompany your PC
If you’re a fan of chairs that give you sound from the back of your head, you’re going to love the FROG 4.0 from BONE. This one-piece PC chair is designed to complete your PC entertainment experience by giving you surround sound right next to your ears without you having to use headphones or an elaborate speaker set up. Inspired by how a frog looks, the FROG 4.0 comes with […]

The Affinity Chair features sensors and LED lights
If you thought chairs were boring, it’s obviously because your chair doesn’t have sensors and LED lights. We’re talking about the Affinity Chair, created by Ben Alun-Jones. This acrylic chair features sensors to activate the LEDs when nearby movement is sensed. Of course, it’s not going to bring about world peace or end poverty, but it’s certainly a piece of furniture that will make our living room look a whole […]

Love Handles Chair
Most chairs are pretty ordinary, offering your rear end a comfortable place to sit upon while you indulge in a good book or work, but Nunoerin has come up with a thermo-sensitive chair known as the Love Handles Chair. Before you get the notion that this chair will massage your accumulated fat over the years of marriage, it instead is inspired by the body’s natural curves, boasting a dynamic thermo-sensitive […]