Making a trip down to your local amusement park will probably result in riding a number of dangerous rides, eating a lot of deep-fried food and doing a lot of walking. One ride all amusement parks should have is the ole bumper cars ride, but what if you happen to find yourself in a park that doesn’t have one? Well – you could just buy your own bumper car which can legally be driven on the roads.

An eBay user put up his 1984 Dodge Colt that has been modified to look like a bumper car to be sold at auction on the site. As of now, the bumper car is sitting at an auction price of $2,020, with its reserve not yet met. The modified 1984 Dodge Colt gets 34 miles per gallon on average and even has working air conditioning. Unfortunately, even if you purchase a car that looks like a bumper car, you still can’t ram people off the road, although we know how much you’re going to want to if you become the owner of this vehicle.

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