tileDon’t you just hate it when you misplace your wallet or keys at home and just can’t find it? Thankfully with smartphones and technology, Bluetooth dongles which you can insert or attach to keys will help you locate your missing items in a short amount of time, but what if the item has been moved? For example it might have been picked up and taken to lost and found, or it might have been moved to another location by your family member who is tidying up the place. Well that’s where the Tile Bluetooth dongle comes into play.

Essentially it works like other Bluetooth dongles and notifies you via smartphone when you’re close to your missing object. The kicker is that Tile works like a hive mind of sorts, meaning that your Tile dongle is connected to other Tile apps out there, so if a stranger from across town comes across your wallet, it would notify them and it would be up to them to let you know where it is. Of course this is only as effective if there are many Tile dongles out there, but it’s a pretty good idea and at $19 for one, it’s not that an expensive an idea to start up amongst friends or family members, so head on over to its website for more details.

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