Reading a person’s Twitter messages in another language can be a pain if you happen to not know a lick of their language. Sure – you could enter what they wrote in Google Translator, but doing that to only learn what that person had for dinner or their thoughts on their own country’s version of America’s Got Talent isn’t worth the trouble. That’s why Twitter is testing out a new feature which uses Bing Translator to automatically translate a person’s tweet if it wasn’t written in English, and they’re launching this test on its official Windows Phone app.


Windows Phone isn’t known for being a hotbed of activity when it comes to testing out new features for popular software, but that’s exactly what Twitter is doing with its official app. The automatic translation feature doesn’t pop up automatically, instead you’ll need to manually click the option in order to have the text translated.

We’re sure this is a feature Twitter is testing on Windows Phone that will make its way to its official application on other mobile platforms, mainly iOS and Android. If this happens, you can be sure many Twitter users who use third-party apps will start using Twitter’s official app in no time.

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