Snapchat Unofficial WP8The downside to owning a Windows Phone device is the lack of official apps from developers. While there are several big name apps available for Windows Phone, it is obvious that developers tend to prefer developing for iOS and Android first before moving on to other platforms. Well the good news is that if you were jealous of your iOS and Android friends who have been enjoying the Snapchat app, it looks like an unofficial Snapchat app has finally made its way onto the Windows Phone platform. According to reports of those who might have tried the app themselves, the app worked just fine, although the UI does leave something to be desired, plus the developer isn’t exactly the most well-known so if you’re the type that plans to use Snapchat for sensitive information and photos, you might want to think about that first. For those who can’t really be fussed, the app is free for download via the Windows Phone Store and will only play nice with Windows Phone 8 devices.


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