Walking around in a major city like New York City without your charger or a spare battery pack can be anxiety inducing as no matter how hard you try to keep your battery from depleting, you just have to watch hours of cat videos in order to make it through a day. That’s why AT&T is teaming up with Goal Zero this summer to make a number of public charging stations available throughout New York City.

The charging stations will feature a solar-powered pole and six USB connectors which will support both of Apple’s 30-pin and Lightning connectors and microUSB for the majority of non-Apple smartphones and tablets. If you happen to have a device that doesn’t support either of the provided charging connectors, then you can always hook up your own freak of a cable to one of three female USB connectors.

As someone who often travels into New York City for business, I certainly will be keeping an eye out for these charging stations, although I do travel with my own external battery pack when I travel. I just can’t say no to solar power, especially if it means I get to sit in a park for a couple of minutes to enjoy some fresh air.

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