When it comes to storage space, having too much is never enough as most people can fill up their hard drives with gigs of cat videos with a blink of the eye. But being able to have a large drive in a small enclosure is something we all could certainly appreciate, which is why Western Digital has created the thinnest 1TB hard drive, measuring in at just 7mm thick.

Just because the WD Blue measures in at 7mm thick doesn’t mean the company skimped on features as it comes with StableTrack, which are motor shafts that reduce the vibration of the drive when in use as well as improve its tracking and has more precise movement due to the inclusion of both electromagnetic and piezo actuators.

WD Blue’s 1TB model (WD10SPCXX) is being priced at $139 and comes with a two-year warranty and is available to OEMs, integrators and consumers. We’re confident there we’ll be hearing of some new computers being announced at Computex this week that feature the WD Blue, which may be your best bet on getting a machine with this extremely thin hard drive from the get-go.

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